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Since we are a cottage industry, we are always behind schedule. The Winter 2016 issue is all but ready. It features new Catholic publications. Readers will find it really helpful in acquainting them with some great new books. As always, there are lots of other kinds of books reviewed too.

As we get more efficient at producing the journal, we have learned to think ahead more and more, and assemble material two, and even three, issues ahead of time. It’s not always easy to think about what might make a good issue feature. It’s not easy, but it’s fun. When we make a decision, it concentrates my reading for the the next month or so.

So, the issue that follows will be dedicated russian writersto Russian writers. Since Henri DeLubac wrote his famous Drama of Atheist Humanism, Catholics have had a great interest in Dostoevsky. My teenage hero was his contemporary, Leo Tolstoy. We will feature books by them, as well as books by other such literary luminaries as Pushkin and Turgenev.

That’s the Spring issue. The Summer issue will feature books ‘of wisdom.’ By this we mean a very broad collection of works, from fairy tales, to Biblical topics, to the great practical philosophical works of people like Marcus Aurelius.

george macdonald  perrault

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