To Tell the Truth

Written by Kate Tym

(QEB Publishing, 2008), 24 pp

Reviewed by Colin Kerr

to tell the truth

This is a book well-suited to four- to seven-year olds.

Its plot is simple. Tanya Mortimer’s mother made a cake for her little sister’s birthday. Tanya ends up eating the whole thing when she is by herself and then makes up an elaborate story to explain what happened to it. Her mother pretends to believe her, but in the end Tanya is overcome by guilt and confesses. There are no negative consequences for her having lied, but, again, given the age at which it is aimed, I think that the right way to begin is to simply let young children know that lying is wrong. Parents reading this book to their kids might want to reinforce that fact… and to eventually bring in talk of consequences.

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