My Reading Intentions for 2017



I am always thinking about what to do next. The beginning of January, it seems, is the only time you are really allowed – even expected – to talk about your intentions.

I have lately discovered the glory of Audible. I am currently listening to Don Quixote, a book as long as it is important to the literary history of the West. It is just so great that I can knock this one off over the course of my lengthy commutes. After I am finished with this 40 hour book, I am planning on listening to donMilton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained and then perhaps Herodotus’ Histories.  Audio books are a great way to get to know books that one might not otherwise have time for.

Most of my reading is going to be directed at Russian novels, though. This has to do with my research on Tolstoy, but also has to do with the late and somewhat unrelated fascination I have developed for 20th century Russian works. I plan to read such works as And Quiet Flows the Don (Sholokhov), which I plan to read very soon, Doctor Zhivago (Pasternak), as well as more works by Solzhenitsyn and Nabokov.

Although I am loath to think there is anything worth reading mannoutside of Russia, I want to expand my repertoire to include Thomas Mann and Kafka. I want to begin with Mann’s Doctor Faustus, but I have yet to decide which Kafka to read first – perhaps The Trial.

And, as you are well aware, I will keep all the subscribers of the Review in the know as to what I have discovered about the world of literature.

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