Freeing Tanner Rose: Faith and Kung-Fu, Book One

Written by T. M. Gaouette

(T. M. Gaouette, 2014)

Reviewed by Sarah-Grace, age 12









* This review originally appeared in our Summer 2014 issue.

This is an intriguing novel about what happens when a young teenage actress obsessed with her Hollywood lifestyle is made to stay with Gabriel, an honest Christian boy (who loves Kung-Fu) and his mother, Mrs. Ruth.

Tanner and Gabriel both have strong opinions that their lifestyle is the better one. Eventually it becomes clear that one of them is going to have to change. But Gabriel knows that what he is doing is right and he must stay true to his faith. On the other hand, Tanner Rose is beginning to get used to the calm, simple life of Gabriel and Mrs. Ruth. She even learns to pray. Suddenly, Tanner’s mother, Alicia, comes to take her back to her old life in the spotlight. Although she is not looking forward to leaving, she does.

Tanner finds herself missing not only Gabriel and Mrs. Ruth and their kindness, but also the type of life she enjoyed with them. This leads her to a church where she meets an old friend who helps her to do what is right, just as Gabriel and Mrs. Ruth had. Tanner and her friend travel overseas to do some missionary work, but only after promising to keep in touch with Gabriel and Mrs. Ruth.

In the end, this book is an inspiring story that teaches about how God speaks to us through others and provides a way for us to overcome difficult situations.

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