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Herman Melville

By Elizabeth Hardwick

(Viking, 2000)

Reviewed by Colin Kerr


The Penguin Life series includes over twenty middle-length biographies of some very interesting people, ranging from authors to political figures. They are concisely and expertly written and appear in attractive, affordable hardbacks. They are an ideal entry-way for the ‘newly interested.’ They stand halfway between a Wikipedia entry and a full-length biography. At 158 pages, Herman Melville is a quick read which never demands too much and never loses one’s attention.

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Turning Off Technology

Reviewed by Adam DeVille

better off

Questions about technology and community have been longstanding preoccupations of mine. I just recently finished a book published in 2004 that narrates a winsome journey of a young couple from Yale and MIT who ended up living with, and largely like, Amish for a year: Eric Brende, Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology (Harper Perrenial, 2005) The author ends with a few suggestions on how to live with technology, and to live with less technology. For those Eastern and other Christians interested in this kind of life, a life that seems at heart more monastic than most of us lead, you will find this an interesting book – very descriptive, and helpfully non-prescriptive.

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