The Review was established to provide good guidance into the world of books for Catholics in North America. While it considers itself fully faithful to Christ and the Catholic Church, it doesn’t consider mere obedience the fullness of Christian life. Faithful Catholics have so much to offer each other! Christ came so that we might have life in its fullness. Included in this is a strong cultural and intellectual existence. The Review wishes to provide useful information for those seeking to develop their spirits and their minds. Books aren’t everything, but they are an important part of learning. There is so much out there that can benefit us, as we develop our understanding of God and become ever better able to bring Christ into the public sphere. The Catholic Review of Books aims to be an independent and trustworthy voice, to function as the go-to place for honest, unbiased reviews, a place to introduce new ideas and to bring old treasures back to mind. We believe all truth is from God, and we will pursue it in every domain, from theology to history, from the most sophisticated works of fiction to books for children, and everything in between. The Review relies on the contributions of faithful Catholic reviewers and an editorial team with a strong sense of Catholic culture. Additionally, this important apostolate relies on the spiritual and financial support of its Catholic readership.

Who We Are

Colin-KColin Kerr is the editor and founder of the Catholic Review of Books. He has a doctorate in theology, as well as degrees in philosophy and history. His deep passion for the Catholic Faith led him to establish this journal as a way of sharing and promoting not only the Catholic Faith but the whole world of knowledge. He looks to the example of St. Augustine and the other great Fathers of the Church as his models for living a life of faith seeking understanding. He is married to Anne-Marie and together they raise their six blessed children. His family loves him despite his rabid bibliophilia. His principal interests are Augustine, Christology – and everything else! He wants to learn more about poetry and now wishes he had a literature degree.




Amy MacInnis is an associate editor, overseeing Children’s and Young Readers’ Books, a passionate writer and philosophy grad who enjoys reading theology, opinion pieces, romance and sci-fi/fantasy. She is currently working on a Masters of Theological Studies at Regis College in Toronto. Follow Amy on Twitter @AEMacInnis





Anna-PAnna Pierlot is a gifted artist originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada, whose drawings appear throughout the website and journal. A recent graduate of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, she now resides in Ottawa, Ontario. There she balances full-time work with her passions for literature, writing and art, taking commissions and doing freelance work. She is also the Volunteer Director of Ottawa Against Abortion. Truth and Beauty are perhaps the two greatest motivations of her faith, and she finds that they spill into each other so often that there is rarely a proper distinction. Because of this, she loves all good art, reads as many books as she can get her hands on, and even tries to write poetry when she feels particularly awestruck: which, based on the papers that litter her home, is often. 


Regular Contributors

Sarah-GSarah Gould is a gifted writer whose work can be seen in many places online and in print, including Catholic Insight, The Feminine Gift, and Catholic Chapter House. With Jason, her husband of ten years, she serves as Associate Dean of Students at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada. She is deeply interested in authentic Catholic femininity – what it means and how to live it in a world that hates all things feminine!



Adam-DAdam DeVille is associate professor and chairman of the Department of Theology-Philosophy at the University of Saint Francis, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The author of Orthodoxy and the Roman Papacy (University of Notre Dame Press, 2011), DeVille is editor of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies and editor of the forthcoming books: Eastern Christian Encounters with Islam (Routledge, 2014) and The Future of Orthodoxy in North America (UND Press, 2014). A Canadian by birth, DeVille is also a subdeacon in the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church, the largest of the Eastern Churches in communion with Rome.