100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet

Anna Claybourne

(Scholastic, 2011), 112 pp

Reviewed by Colin Kerr 

100 awesome

Scholastic has many books like this. This particular one divides the “awesome” things of the world into ‘natural wonders’ and ‘human creations.’ There is a lot of stuff worth reading about in here.

What struck me, however, was that there was nothing Christian listed among the “wonderful stuff of the world” – other than the catacombs of Paris and Palermo. Yet the Christian aspect of these catacombs is hardly mentioned at all. In the context of Palermo, it only mentions that a monk was the first person buried there. No reference is made to the Catholic purpose to which these catacombs were put – our beliefs about honoring and praying for the dead.

The book also talks about Egyptian city of Alexandria — at one time, with Rome, the greatest Christian city in the world. This aspect of the city’s history is never mentioned.

All in all, it’s fine, but you can find better ways to teach your kids about the wonders of the world. Not a lot of text to read.

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